FSI Smart Solar System

Beautiful & Compact

Stylish and elegant design suitable to be placed anywhere in your home or office

Visibility & Control

Touch-screen interface provides an instant picture of the energy being produced and consumed


AI software that manages energy optimally to lower electricity bills and maximize power availability

Lithium-ion Battery

High energy density battery pack has fast charge and discharge and a very long cycle life, allowing the battery to last over 10 years

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Package 30kW

This system has been sized for commercial and industrial sites.
The load this system can handle even in an outage are:

Eleven 1-ton inverter ACs or eight 1.5-ton inverter ACs, twenty-five laptops, fifteen desktops, fridges, LCD/LED TVs, and a number of fans and lights.

System Rated Capacity:
30 kW

Smart Energy Storage Pack:
3x10 kWh

Rated Solar Power:
30.3 kW

1893.6mm H x 2641.65mm W
x 237.85mm D

Backup Time @90% DoD:
60 min @ 90% Peak Load

Net Metering:

Smart Energy Inverter:
1M - 10K and 2 S -10K

30 to 3+ MW
Package 30 to 3+ MW

Ranging from 30 kW to 3+ MW FSI Solar large systems cater to various commercial and industrial needs while reducing energy costs. Larger systems can act as micro-grid solutions providing solar power and backup for rural electrification, highway service stations, manufacturing facilities and enterprise structures etc. These systems are also cloud connected and monitored 24/7 by our NOC team and have all the energy intelligence abilities as our smaller systems.

Small to medium businesses can utilize our smaller systems as well depending on their load requirement be it 10kW or 20kW for instance.

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